Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bison Bar

I honestly thought I'd never get in the door of The Bison Bar. I've read reviews of it from The Purple Page and Stitch and Bear that made me drool all over my computer. Friends visited and were kind enough to share pictures with me of the meaty goodness found there. Suffice to say I was green with envy by the time I walked in the door. Surely food should not illicit such feelings?

Some of the meaty art work adorning the walls!
By the time I arrived I was well aware of the drill, you choose one type of meat from what's was on offer, half a chicken, brisket, pulled pork, ribs and sausages. You then combine this with two sides from a range including chips, onion rings, coleslaw, potato salad and burnt end beans. This is all served up to you on a tray with some dips. Mustard and BBQ sauce are on the table along with a roll of kitchen paper which you will most definitely need!

Mr Bison keeping a stern eye on all those who enter.
Between four of us we ordered the brisket, the pulled pork, half chicken and the ribs, I think we also managed to order all of the sides! I wont beat around the bush talking about flavours and what not, all I'll say is that it's delicious. You must try it! There was nothing that arrived at our table which I wouldn't try again! (We actually returned three days later for more!) The star of the show in my opinion was the brisket, tender and juicy with a hint of smoke. The pork was slightly more smokey but was also fall apart tender.

Pork ribs with coleslaw and chips.
Brisket with chips and potato salad
Pulled pork with beans and onion rings
The sides were all really good too, the burnt end beans were to die for, lovely big squishy beans in a really tangy hot sauce with generous amounts of burnt ends of brisket.

Yummiest of brownies!
We managed one dessert between four of us, I know, pathetic! The brownie was moist and chocolaty and the vanilla ice-cream was peppered with small vanilla seeds which gave it a really rich flavour. I meant to ask if they made the ice-cream themselves, I haven't tasted such creamy ice-cream in a long time.

A very tasty well made whiskey sour.
Unfortunately there isn't too much in the way of interesting beers behind the bar but it is after all a whiskey bar. I did spy a bottle of Kelpie Seaweed Ale from the Williams Brothers Brewing Company in Scotland and it went nicely with the brisket. I finished the evening with a whiskey sour, the bartender was quite generous with his whiskey pour and the overall result was very delicious!

Even cowboys don't eat in the saddle, do they?!?! 
It seems I only have good things to say about the place? Well I didn't sit on the "saddle seats" so I can't comment on them but they do look horrendously uncomfortably! It's a novel idea, someone mentioned that Bono donated the first one and that's how it all got started? If I had a seat like that I'd certainly be trying to donate to somewhere! Thankfully there are ample other seating options! 

Check this place out NOW! 
The staff in Bison are its crowning glory, lovely bright and bubbly servers who really go above and beyond to help diners enjoy their meal. On the day we were there this extended to cutting up meat for a gentleman at the table next to us, I kid you not! 

I could wax lyrical about this place all day but in short all I'm going to say is "get down there and try it out" It's a fabulous place doing something outside of the box and I have to say I really really appreciate it.

Bison Bar
10 Wellington Quay
Dublin 2
01 670 6692
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  1. I've been a couple of times now and love the food, but the plastic cutlery is really off-putting. I wish they'd change that.

    1. Yes, not very ecologically friendly, I could put up with it though!!! lol!

  2. Haha we were the same, went back literally a week later! I didn't even notice the plastic cutlery I was too busy hoovering up the food.

    1. It is really good isn't it? It's only retrospectively that I've thought about the cutlery, if I went a lot it might bother me ... but I probably wouldn't fit in the door if I went too much! Massive portions!

  3. Had heard only recently that they do food but heard nothing about it other than that. Definitely going to check it out now. Love that kind of slow smoked american style grub :)

    1. The smokie flavour is fabulous? The pork in particular is really good. I believe they are the only establishment in Dublin to have an American smoker.

    2. So after your recommendation I went there last week for a quick lunch and it was incredible! Unable to decide between the ribs and the brisket I got both and couldn't have been happier. Had to slow myself down halfway through so I wouldn't eat the plate! Yeh so far it's the only one in Dublin. As long as it stays that way they will have my business!

    3. I'm so happy you liked it Mark, now you have to spread the Bison love! :)

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